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Solbank is a registered trademark of Banco Sabadell, currently the fourth largest banking group in Spain. Decidedly international in its focus, Banco Sabadell has a presence in 18 countries and agreements with over 1,600 financial institutions worldwide.

With our young and dynamic team, staffed by nationals from different countries, Solbank stands out owing to our top-level customer service, based on swift, professional and personal attention, enhanced by a multilingual remote telephone banking and Internet service.

Helping you moreover in your own language, precisely because the majority of Solbank's financial advisers are of non-Spanish origin or have spent large amounts of time living and working outside Spain in other European countries. Such a fact, means that the Solbank people not only speak your own language but more importantly understand your needs and what you are trying to get across.



Buying an apartment on the beach, building the home of your dreams... whatever your plans, Solbank offers you tailored financing:

  • Personalised advice
  • Maximum transparency
  • The best conditions
  • Possibility of choosing between different Mortgage types

To finance the purchase of your home, Solbank offers you different types of Mortgage, so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

Solbank Fixed Interest Rate Mortgage
To pay the same monthly repayment consistently throughout the life of the loan

Mixed Mortgage
To ensure payments over the first four years, guaranteeing the interest rate in case of possible rate increases in the short and medium term. After this initial period, your mortgage will be adapted to the current market interest rate and will be revised annually.

Solbank Variable Interest Rate Mortgage
To enjoy a lower interest rate during the first year and have your Mortgage repayments revised annually according to the interest rates in force at the time.

And, in addition, if you choose the Solbank Personal Mortgage in our variable rate mortgage option, you can take our a loan which will cover the purchase of the home that will be your usual place of residence, and in future you will have a personal loan to pay for anything you wish, from buying a car to renovating your home, plus the added advantage of lower interest rates than any other personal loan.

The capital you pay off will continue to be at your disposal during a long period of time, so that you can use it for anything you wish.

You can choose to peg your Mortgage rate against either of the two following indexes:

  • IRPHce: Reference Index for Mortgage Loans (for all finance organisations), published by the Bank of Spain.
  • EURIBOR: European Interbank Offered Rate, published by the Central European Bank.


Bank Accounts 

Prestige Care Account
Much more than a bank account

The Prestige Care Account is the only account which enables you to meet a large number of non-financial needs specially designed to make your life in Spain easier:

  • Translator and interpreter service.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Telephone medical queries and home assistance.
  • Send flowers, call taxis, exclusive discounts, etc.

Discover all the non-financial services available with Prestige Care Services.

In addition, Prestige Care Account is the easiest and most convenient solution for all your banking needs in Spain:


Higher Sterling Account
Making your pounds go further!

At Solbank we are more than aware that many of you would like to invest some of your savings in pounds sterling. That is precisely why we are now offering you the chance to do so here in Spain through Solbank at rates surprisingly competitive.

No risk investment

Because with the Solbank Higher Sterling Account you not only have instant access with no fees, but also a guaranteed competitive interest rate in GBP compared with that you can receive from your bank in the UK: if the amount of the balance reaches one of the limits indicated, you will receive the higher return for the whole balance, i.e. from the first penny.

Open a Higher Sterling Account and you will see the interest your money will generate from day one.

There is no minimum quantity required to open a Higher Sterling Account and it is free of maintenance charges .

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